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So what is Elvis Unplugged?

For those of us growing up in the 1990s, VH1 Storytellers and MTV's Unplugged showcased musical superstars when they got rid of the heavy distortion, the amplifiers, and "unplugged" to enjoy their music in it's raw form. They shared their stories, some poignant moments from their touring days, and of course, the highlight was the music. Essentially it was a "Jam Session" in front of dozens of fans.

Back in 1968, Elvis Presley originated the live storytelling showcase with a bunch of his friends and band members in a show for NBC special titled Elvis. This was his "comeback" to live performing after years of making movies in Hollywood. 

Elvis Unplugged focuses on Elvis's music, memories from his life, and the historical moments that shaped our world, and how the events had an impact on the music of the day. 

Shows reflect the following periods:

  • The Mid Fifties: 1954 - 1955
  • The Late Fifties: 1956 - 1959
  • The Early Sixties: 1960 - 1963
  • The Mid Sixties: Movies and The Mod Squad
  • The Age of Change: 1968-1969
    The Early Seventies: 1970 - 1972                                                                                                                 The Concert Seventies: 1972 - 1977

The show can be adjusted 
for large crowds and classrooms to intimate, coffehouse-like settings. It's musical, educational, and lots of fun for all ages!

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